The drones are here!

Alberta Aerial specializes in aerial filming from remotely controlled unmanned aircraft, also known as Drones, as well as one of the worlds best cinematic filming systems (The Cineflex) from real helicopters. We are currently providing aerial filming services to the TV/Film, Municipal, Construction and Real Estate industries.

Alberta Aerial drones can now deliver an unparalleled level of versatility in positioning cameras where others simply cannot go. No other filming system can start a seamless shot from the inside of a building and finish at 400ft (120 metres) above the ground.

Alberta Aerial operates a number of state of the art drones that between them cover all aspects of close range aerial filming and aerial photography. We can deliver exactly the shots that are required, in real time, by viewing the live footage using our real time video up-link to the aircraft's cameras.

Television and film producers are always looking for ways of adding new and interesting content to their productions to keep their viewers entertained. Alberta Aerial filming provides our clients with unique and exciting footage which will make their audience wonder "How did they get that shot?!". The viewer can be made to feel as if they are actually riding on the aircraft, transporting them straight into the scene.